Oil & Gas Foundations

Offshore oil and gas structures experience the full extent of the ocean’s power. Therefore these structures need a strong foundation.  Core have significant experience in the grouting of these types of foundations.

The majority of offshore structures have piled and grouted foundations. Piles are driven through the legs or skirt sleeves of the structure into the seabed forming an annular void between the driven pile and the leg or sleeve. The annular void is filled with a cement based grout, the grout is delivered to the bottom of the structure displacing the water as the column of grout rises in the annulus. The purpose of the grout is to provide a bond between the driven pile and the structure enabling forces to be transferred

Core’s team are experienced in the grouting of many different types of offshore foundations:

  • Main leg pile grouting
  • Skirt pile grouting
  • Drilled pile grouting

A case study on a recent project where Core grouted an oil and gas jacket structure into place can be found here. Please contact us if you would like to discuss how we can be of assistance on your upcoming projects.